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1. SHODH SAGAR has been started with the main aim that Students, Scholars, Scientists, Academicians & people from various Industries or domains would use the published work for further research / to enhance their skills that in turn will benefit the Human Society and Mother Earth.

2. The statements and opinions expressed in Shodh Sagar are those of the individual writers, authors, contributors, editors, or advertisers; they do not necessarily represent the views of the other editors or the publisher. Unless specified otherwise, the authors and publisher disclaim any responsibility or liability for such material.

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5. The Shodh Sagar will not be liable for any loss, damage, cost or expense incurred or arising by reason of any person using or relying on the information on this site. All the material on this web site is made available for the purpose of information and not as professional advice.

6. Links provided to other websites are for convenience purpose only and do not constitute endorsement of the information at those sites

7. The responsibility of the research matter expressed in the journals and or Books is entirely of the author(s) concerned. The view expressed in the research papers/articles in this journals and or Books does not essentially correspond to the views of the publisher/editor. The publisher/editor of the journals and or Books is not liable for errors or any consequences arising from the exercise of information contained in it.

8. SHODH SAGAR neither endorses nor takes liability for any products, goods or services offered by other websites or outside vendors through our services or advertised on our system.

Systems Reliability / availability

SHODH SAGAR aims to keep the site available round the clock & "24 X 7” it means twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week & to maintain saved information. However, due to technical failures, acts of God or routine maintenance, availability may be limited and/or information may be lost. SHODH SAGAR shall not be accountable for the loss of information or non-availability of the services.

Copyright Claims & Violations

Any claims ,complaints or copyright violation should be addressed to the Editor at editor@ShodhSagar in bearing the subject line "Copyright violation". The claim or complaints must be sufficed by documented evidence supporting the same version of the paper as being published or copyrighted or patented by the aggrieved party before the date of publication of the concerned SHODH SAGAR article. On receipt of the claim, the SHODH SAGAR Board, if found deemed, shall inform the SHODH SAGAR author to provide an explanation; the discussion of which shall be transparent to both parties.
The SHODH SAGAR Board reserves the sole rights to decide the validity of any such claims. After deliberation, if the claim is found justified, the concerned manuscript will be removed from all SHODH SAGAR archives and servers. Any subsequent print copies of the concerned issue will not contain the article. In case, the changes required are minimal such as inclusion of references, the authors will be intimated to do the required amendments according to the SHODH SAGAR article correction policies. The alternative version shall undergo peer-review as any other general submission and shall be published in the same issue(number) of the concerned volume.

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